What is it to be in Mastery?

What is it to be in Mastery?

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Today, I listened to a conversation between Rebecca Dawson and Jeannie Lovel posted on their fb page, Conscious Conversations called “Launching into the Blank Space”.

A comment was made during the conversation about us being in our Mastery now.

But, what does it mean to be in our Mastery?

There are versions I have heard about what it is to be in Mastery.  Yet when it comes down to it, most of us are feeling a level of uncertainty and possibly even confusion because the energy is so new that we have no reference points until we create them/acknowledge them as such.

While their conversation wasn’t specifically about Mastery what struck me were the number of elements raised by Rebecca and Jeannie in this conversation that could be describing Mastery.   I transcribed the concepts below.

To be in Mastery, we

  • May have a sense of time moving on yet nothing being concrete
  • May experience an energy propulsion
  • Become aware of a disconnection from the past – breaking ties to referencing the past – that we are not governed by our past experience.
  • Realize every moment is like a zero point that allows us to choose (in the moment) how we will react
  • Behavior isn’t being repeated.
  • Experience every moment as an ignition point
  • Have no separation between Consciousness and thoughts/ego