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Almost every device we use at some point will become obsolete/out of date and we replace it. Mobile phones would be a typical example. Every couple of years we may be tempted to let go of the old and get a new and better version. The lure of more features can be too much. Then we get used to the new features, and cant go back to a device that is just a phone let alone the thought of not having one at all!


Think of that when it comes to heating and cooling your home, the car you drive, the tram you may catch, the fridge you use, the coffee machine you may rely on each morning.   When we upgrade, whatever the reason, we generally release the old.   You may say you pass it on to someone else, but that is still releasing it.


It is exactly the same with our transition to the New Humans we are. Our physical bodies may look the same but the energy systems within have changed.   The process of upgrading required a ‘decommissioning’ or ‘deconstruction” of the old.

Our chakra system has been decommissioned. It was designed for the old energy system, one of cycles, karma, lessons and contracts.   In it’s place we have a Node that pulses.

In her first book, ‘The New Human Experience’, Rebecca Dawson wrote;

“What is interesting about the Node is that it has no spin, no cycle, and no attachment whatsoever to emotional memory or cellular memory.   No references to the past or previous experiences that would predetermine or influence in some way the sensory response to any given situation or experience.”


So just as we upgrade our devices, white-goods, vehicles etc, we have had an upgrade. Ours has been an energy upgrade. And so we begin a whole new era of Humanity.