Unity and Love

Unity and Love

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Of all the messages being spread in these times, the themes are about unity and love.  These are two words but the message behind each is big.

If ‘unity’ means being the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole, why, as a global community are we struggling so much with implementing it.   We want it. We want it by yesterday.  We want someone to wave a magic wand so it spontaneously arrives!  Oooh that would be so nice.

Yet, if we think about the times we are leaving behind, we realize there have been hundreds of years of dis-unity and dis-harmony.  Lifetime after lifetime we have lived that way.  Century after century where we developed systems, cultures, words, constructs, divisions, separations, segregations, and symbols that lure us back to the old paradigm.

This brings me to the second word, ‘love’ which has so many facets but could reasonably be defined as a compassionate emotion or profound affection for another.   Where love reigns, there will be no desire for power, separation, envy, hierarchy, conceit etc.  Those attributes will not even be acknowledged.   Love is kind, patient, and all-inclusive.   Love is often referred to as light; we are increasing the light on Earth – we are increasing love and unity on the planet.

When speaking of light and the letting go of dis-unity I think of the symbology within the prism that splits a light beam to the colors of the rainbow.  For years we have been living with the bands of color.  Separated out, we will have a favorite color, we may dislike one color or another.   And there we are providing our own example of a prejudice.

Our calling as New Humans in the New Energy, it to recognize that we are the white light.  We have within us every aspect of the rainbow.   Ours is not to judge any situation but to hold the energy of the light – and that means unreservedly to hold the energy of love.