The Veils of Separation are Gone

The Veils of Separation are Gone

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Sometimes, a message is given but needs to be delivered in a number of times so that as many as possible hear it one way or another, one time or another.

The message given by Peggy Phoenix Dubros in Amsterdam during May 2016, is one of those messages.

The message given was channeled so is perfect as it is and I have no intention of trying to re-phrase the whole message.  What I would like to do is pass on just a few words.

She passed on to us that before incarnating into this life, we knew it would be the one where ‘the unity’ would occur – the merging of all the attributes of who we are.  The union of our own being, brings that energy into the world.

The template of separateness has now dissolved

The veils of separation are gone.


I remember I AM


I AM grateful

I AM whole

I AM present

I am that I AM