The Expansion of Light Essence

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How do you understand Stem Cells?   Wikipedia tells us stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more stem cells.


So if the stem cell is the core beginning of what a cell can become.   What the stem cell becomes doesn’t change its core beginning.   It is simply how it has manifest itself.

In many ways, this concept or process is similar to the individuals we become. Each and every one of us begins as and carries The Essence. The Essence gives us life.   As The Essence we have chosen to become manifest in a body and from this body we can differentiate many times over.

When we differentiate in manifest form, we activate our free choice. The choice can be right, wrong; good, bad; fun, sad; constructive, destructive; and so on.

Then if I were to reflect on the times I have differentiated one way or another, or made a choice, I could say not all were right, good, fun or even constructive. It is possible you would say the same.


The question then is; Do our choices change our core Essence?


What are your thoughts on this?   I would say no. As we have life, we are at our core, an expression of The Essence.   Does this feel right for you as a concept? Is this how you see yourself? Is this how you see your friends?


The next step in this is more difficult.   The concept is the same as the application to yourself and your friends.   It requires the application of Mastery. The acceptance that we ALL have a core that is The Essence.   It is an acknowledgement that for some, the core has become so crusted over by their choices that it appears to have gone.   And yet, our acceptance and acknowledgement of The Essence in them is the one thing that will create the crack in the crust to allow their light Essence to shine through.   So now, the next step in this concept and the one thing that will contribute to the expansion of light Essence on this planet.   Can you extend this to the person who commits what you would say is an atrocity?


The Divine sees The Divine.