That’s How The Light Gets In

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That’s How The Light Gets In


Have you ever wondered how divers would recognize artifacts that have been under the ocean for centuries as they react to the salt water or become encrusted with things like barnacles?


When I think of us, as expressions of spirit manifesting here on earth, I think we are similar to those underwater artifacts. We have become crusted over by the barnacles of our past life expressions, those experiences of fear, distrust, abuse, belittling, poverty, starvation, uncertainty and so on.


Over time, this has caused us to lose sight of the One-ness, the Unity of all. It has resulted in us accepting separation as normal and to be in judgment. We see ourselves as separate from Source.   We see others as separate from source.


Yet, there is one common theme I hear from current day channellers whether well known or not. That is that Source is INSIDE us, that Source is in ALL people, flora, fauna, and inanimate objects, and that Source unites us as ONE.


To hear this is wonderful. Why? Because it helps give us clarity on something we can all do that will be beneficial to humanity as a whole and to the Unity of the planet.   We can learn to recognize Source in all people. Practice if you like with people you love. Then, if you feel yourself go into criticism or judgment about the actions of another person, turn your focus instead on the Oneness in them, the Source in them.


We all have become encrusted over many lives; but to recognize Source in all others and ourselves is what allows cracks to set in.   Once there are cracks, the Light/love of Source can enter.     To use Leonard Cohen’s words,

“There is a crack in everything,

That’s how the light gets in”