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Space – what is it?       Nothing?       A void?       Is it important?


What if SPACE had a yin and yang; something we could use constructively to expand or contract, a bit like a piano-accordion?   What if we could collapse space or sit in space?


When we think of Past-Present-Future, we automatically put experiences into a timeline. We think of a single soul or a single life and think of this in terms of what has happened, what will happen or what we are experiencing now.


Exploring that a little further, what if we could collapse space; collapse the distance created by 3D time and allow all events to be experienced at once. Okay, to the 3D brain, it might feel like a big blob. Yet, what if in a multidimensional way, we could stitch points of relevance together. Stitch together the fear you have for example of being chased that you associate with death. Today it seems so odd a connection till you realize that the connection was from a past life when you were in Spain, running with a bull and the problem was you were chasing lots of people who were faster than you which meant you were closest to the bull and likely to be attacked by it?


Imagine if in that same moment you could perceive an experience that in 3D reality is in the future so you haven’t experienced it yet.   And what if it feels real in your mind , like you have experienced your future?


These a moments when we step into our Akashic Library.