Reignite My Cosmic Knowledge

We are New Humans on a New Earth and never has the phrase “the world is your oyster’ been more germane.  Up to this point in our evolution, there has been a veil separating us.   Out there in the vastness of the Universes is an infinite amount of wisdom, but how do we know what to look for when we don’t know what to ask?

In this package, Libby guides you into the ocean of Cosmic Knowledge in its totality so that time is collapsed and you move freely to any dimension, galactic system, or time on this planet.    By the end of the first consultation you will have keys or coordinates that allow you to play with the Cosmic Knowledge.  It sets you on a path as a co-creator with the Law of Availability.

What is the Law of Availability?

If you were to represent The ALL, ie everything that is known and unknown, within a circle, so you have a ‘pie’; and you then you were to show all that is known as a wedge then you will begin to have a concept of what is ‘available’.  The wedge that represents what is known, is the tiniest, thin sliver of that pie.  The rest is AVAILABLE, and that is a lot of ‘available’.   So to create a future that relies on what you know is really just repeating history.   However, to create a future from something unknown and to play with that as a new adventure makes you an explorer and creator of a new future – a different reality.   Imagine that!   That is the Law of Availability.


What should I expect from the Reigniting My Cosmic Knowledge Package


The package consists of two consultations spaced apart anywhere between 23 and 32 days.

The first appointment is set at the time of booking.

The second is made at a mutually suitable time/date at the end of the initial consultation.


Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, Libby guides you be fully immersed in the ocean of Cosmic Knowledge where there is no time, space or distance.   This enables you to explore what else there is.  While you are here, Libby guides you through a series of prompts where you discover personal keys.   In channel, this process has been likened to a reset.


Between Consultations

Once you have these keys you play with them for a number of weeks before retuning for a second consultation with Libby.

Between the Initial and Recalibration consultations, you are asked to keep a journal in the format provided that records your initial keys and then the random concepts, ideas, abstract connections, dreams, feelings etc or anything you experience that is different.  You also record any areas that raise questions for you.  Your Journal notes are returned to Libby on a frequent basis so that nothing of importance is omitted at your next consultation.


Recalibration Consultation

Between 23 and 32 days after your Immersion consultation, we schedule the Recalibration Consultation at a mutually suitable time.  This is when we discuss your Journal notes, your experiences, any questions/comments you have, how your life has changed, clients changed, synchronicities that occurred etc.

During the discussion, Libby will pass on channeled guidance for you and hold the energy for your personal recalibration refining your recalibration to your keys.

The Recalibration for your re-ignition of Cosmic Knowledge allows you to continue on your adventure and play using your keys with more understanding.


Single Payment

  • The single payment includes both consultations.
    • The first consultation is approximately an hour.
    • The second consultation is also approximately an hour. It reviews your keys, and journal notes as a discussion with channeled guidance from Libby.
  • Consultations can be in person or via online appointment. Both are just as effective.


Please be aware that your intent to Reignite your Cosmic Knowledge means you are ready for change in your life. Expect benevolent change to occur following your consultation.


Reignite My Cosmic Knowledge
In-Person or Online
$250 (1 hour booked online + 1 hour organised separately)