Cosmic Numerology Decoding

Everything has a vibration, including your name and date of birth.  One of the tools used to unlock the codes within them is Cosmic Numerology.    For these readings you not only get an interpretation of the numbers/letters specific to you, you receive intuitive interpretations and guidance.

Why Cosmic Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient science used by many civilizations to decode energy vibrations of letters and numbers specific to an individual.

Cosmic numerology applies the ancient science with a modern twist for todays New Earth energy.


What is needed for a reading or forecasting?

For both a Reading and Forecasting we use your date of birth and your full name at birth.

These two elements combine and interact like the double helix strands of DNA.  So numerology provides an interpretation of your DNA blueprint.    In keeping with our cosmic roots, did you know that an article was published in 2012 that described a Nebula that had the same shape as DNA, the double helix?


Tell me about the Date of Birth DNA strand

The strand represented by the birth date, is fixed.  It cannot be changed or altered.  This strand is like the trajectory you take as the Star being you are, the trajectory you will follow in life and is often referred to as your Life Path

It represents your Outer World,

  • Your experiences,
  • The way you live,
  • The type of lifestyle that best suits you,
  • The people, places, environment and career than best suit you,
  • Fundamental character traits you carry because of the date you are born, and,
  • Events, opportunities and challenges at particular phases of your life


Tell me about the Name DNA strand

The other strand of your Double Helix is your Inner World, as derived from you name at birth.  Your name can change but most people don’t change their full name.  If you do change your name an interpretation of both is recommended so you are aware of your original responses to the world as well as your new responses.

Your name tells how you relate to the outside world;

  • Your spiritual purpose,
  • Your ego or personality – the vehicle for the soul and the place of analysis and reason, fears and phobias,
  • The expression of the person as the world sees you, your natural capacities and capabilities,


An interactive Reading

Most people have questions at the start of the reading they seek an answer for or have questions during the Cosmic Numerology Reading.   It is best to ask questions you may have during as they arise for your optimal benefit.



Cosmic Numerology Personal Number Decoding
In-Person or Online
$150 AUD (1 Hour)

Ask your question
In-Person or Online
$80 AUD (30 min)