There is so much information about Meditation that is available to us all. For me it is a practice that can be as quick as two or three breathes to re-centre my energy or a longer practice to still the brain-mind and allow the cosmic-mind to be. You can achieve the same.

Why Meditate

Meditation is becoming more popular in western society and is said to be something that should be central to caring for our health.   There are so many benefits to meditation and I won’t give them all, but here are a few.   Meditation can:

  • Be a form of relaxation bringing calmness and inner peace
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Lower biological age,
  • Allow creativity or solutions to come to us
  • Help your brain function more clearly
  • Improve the rest you get from sleep
  • Improve your immunity and so help you fight disease
  • Improves your metabolic system so can help manage your weight
  • Increases your attention span


Tell me more about Gaia-Heart Space meditation

As New Humans on the New Earth, we are more connected with Gaia, the Earth energy than ever before.  Our energy source is Gaia.  When we take this energy inwards to our heart space, we not only anchor that energy in the physical, we can radiate the energy outwards.   Meditation is one way we can do this.


Beginning a practice of meditation: Gaia-Heart Space Meditation – Getting Started

The concept of beginning meditation can be daunting or conjure up reasons why you haven’t been able to start.  Perhaps you don’t know where to start, you tried it before and you couldn’t switch off your mind, you don’t have time, or, you can’t sit in that cross legged posture.

Through the 6 week Gaia-Heart Space Meditation – Getting Started course, you are able to commence a meditation practice with a small group of like-minded people.  During the course, you will receive lots of practical support and tips that allow you to feel more comfortable with your level of meditation.

Further details for this course will be uploaded soon


Regular Meditations – Gaia-Heart Space Meditation Group

Join the Gaia-Heart Space Meditation Group for weekly meditations. You can attend regularly or just when you can. It is my belief that those who are in attendance from one week to the next are the perfect combination for that moment. The benefit of the group meditation is not only personal but as a group we generate energy that we can return to Gaia.

Each week the focus of the meditation will be given to me intuitively. Meditations will begin with sound. The meditation will end with the sharing the light gathered by the group with Gaia.