Harnessing Your Numbers

Do you see the numbers patterns or sequences over and over? Perhaps you see mirrored numbers or 11:11 repeatedly to the point where it can’t be ignored. To find out more about what your number sequence means for you, schedule a time with Libby so you can Harness Your Numbers with confidence.

One of the most common things I hear when I tell people I am a numerologist is that they see number patterns or repeat numbers but have no idea what they mean.


Number patterns or sequences can occur from many sources; the time on your mobile phone, car registrations, a phone number on a bill board or on the side of a truck are just some examples.


All numbers have a vibration and this can be interpreted to unlock a message for unique and specific to you.


During an interactive personal appointment of just 30 minutes, Libby can provide you with the interpretation of your numbers. To harness the meaning of your numbers, why not schedule an appointment with Libby.



Harnessing Your Numbers
In-Person or Online
$80 AUD (30 Minutes)