Energy Healing

Energy exists in our bodies as heat, light, sound, mass, electricity, chemicals, gravity, moving parts, etc. Physical, emotional or mental stresses from our everyday life can cause the flow of such energies to be compromised or for blocks to occur.

When that happens the symptoms can be as vague as feeling not quite right or they can manifest as pain, discomfort, lethargy, anxiety, depression, or dis-ease.
While our first response may be western medicine, an energy healing offers a gentle, non-invasive and holistic alternative to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

What can I expect when having an Energy Healing?

Room – The room will be set up with a massage/treatment table, ambient music and essential oils being burnt.   Both music and oils are chosen to stimulate your innate health, however, if you would prefer not to have the oils or music, please say as they can be removed.

The Healing – the treatment commences with a discussion, so you can explain why you have come to see Libby.  Then you lie on the table fully clothed.   You can use a pillow and throw rug to get comfortable.    Libby is intuitively guided during the treatment, which may include sound and hand movements but you can close your eyes and relax.

It is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep, sense light, energy movement, or express emotions during the energy healing.   Embrace these responses as they are indicators of energy movement and deep healing.  On the other hand, if you feel nothing, it doesn’t matter as the healing occurs even if you are not aware of it.

Completion – Once completed, Libby provides feedback regarding any relevant energy hotspots noticed, or intuitive messages received during the treatment.  You are able to provide feedback of what you noticed.


What about after the Healing?

After an energy healing, clients report immediate benefits like being pain free, centred, relaxed, and express an overall sense of wellbeing.   The healing effects usually continue for some time after the treatment/appointment.  It is beneficial during the 24 hours after an energy healing to get plenty of rest and to drink lots of water to help your body realign back to a more balanced state


How often should I have a Healing?

Energy healing can have a profound and exponential effect on how you live your life. You experience feeling less stressed, happier and healthier and you consciously make life choices that are positive for your wellbeing.

However, YOU are completely in charge of the frequency of treatments you have.  Some choose to have just one Energy Healing.  Others choose to have regular energy Healings.   Always honour what you feel is best for you.


Energy Healing
$150 AUD (1 hour)

Energy Healing
In-Person or Online
$80 AUD (30 min)

Distance Healing
$80 AUD (30 min)