Cosmic Numerology Forecasting

Everything has a vibration, including the potential adventures you may have in the future. One of the tools used to unlock your codes is with Cosmic Numerology.

Why Cosmic Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient science used by many civilizations to decode energy vibrations of letters and numbers specific to an individual.
Cosmic numerology applies the ancient science with a modern twist for todays New Earth energy.
Adding depth to your reading is channeled information that will come through unique to you and specific for you.


What is needed for a forecasting?

For both a Reading and Forecasting we use your date of birth and your full name at birth.

These two elements combine and interact like the double helix strands of DNA.  So numerology provides an interpretation of your DNA blueprint.    In keeping with our cosmic roots, did you know that an article was published in 2012 that described a Nebula that had the same shape as DNA, the double helix?

For more information about the interaction of the Date of Birth and Full Name at Birth, refer to the Cosmic Numerology Decoding page.



In the New Earth, New Human energy we are now immersed in, we have a choice to drop all Karma.   It is my belief that if you come to me for a reading, you do so because you have dropped all Karma – you have no more lessons to learn or repeat.   Your future path is one of adventure and exploration.


An interactive Reading

For your optimum benefit, please make this forecasting interactive, that is, ask questions if you require further clarity.    You may have specific issues that concern you at the present time for which you seek some transparency or translation. You can ask it directly, indirectly, or provide vagueness around it.



Cosmic Numerology Forecasting
In-Person or Online
$150 AUD (1 Hour)