There are moments in life when we feel our direction is clear, the wind is in our sails as we go forward with confidence.  In the next moment, that wind is lost and we hover pondering what we are to do.   It can feel like the light has gone out and we are fumbling in the dark.

The services I offer are designed to support you whatever your unique situation.

Energy Healings allow a 'reset' of your energy giving you a lightness and calmness to continue on your way.

Cosmic Numerology support decodes your blueprint of life.  It can be used as a platform to better understand yourself or your child, etc.  It can also be used to explain energy trends through annual forecasting.

EFT and Quantum EFT can be used to assist you to overcome health issues or dip into past experiences respectively.

Law of Availability; perhaps you would like to Tap into the All That Is as a way of planting seeds for the future.

Meditation is a way for you to practice being in touch with your higher self or dip into that Space of Creation.

Learn as a group through information sessions

Whatever you choose, in return I offer

  • Confidentiality,
  • Myself as a conduit for The Wisdom of the Universe,
  • Psychic intuition that your guides and mine present what is most appropriate for you
  • Channelled information/healing specific for you
  • Higher knowledge to help you understand your personal message