Opportunity with the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

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Tonight we will experience the longest lunar eclipse for the century.   It will last 83 minutes and be a red shade because of light being refracted from the earth’s atmosphere.


You will read from other sources that a lunar eclipse is a good time to take your attention to intimate relationships, your home and family; your private life in general.   The eclipse is like a hitting the reset button for your private life.


I have also read that because of the influence of other planetary impacts, this could be a time of when a roller coaster of emotions are felt, positive and negative.



If the reset takes 83 minutes, the longest of the century, that is a lot of resetting that can occur.


So what if we turn this event into an opportunity?


What if we use this time to nurture our family, to remember the invisible thread that unites each and every one of us as one?

In a moment when tension might arise, what if you instantly choose instead to turn your focus on your heart space and send nurturing love, compassion and gratitude to the consciousness cloud to be used as needed.

What if, you used this as time away from all your digital devices and allow creative and inventive juices to flow through so reinvigorating your personal life?

What if you can find a new way to do things while maintaining calm in your personal life?


How will you create an opportunity?