October 2018 Energy Update

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The month of October carries the energy of the number 12, and this energy is one of pausing, when life may feel like you are in limbo.   In some ways it is a bit like the pause between breaths.   This makes October the perfect time to observe; simply observe.   Sometimes our ability to observe is improved if we change our perspective so what if we observed the world while hanging upside down for example. Or, what if we read words from right to left instead of the other way.


The experience awaiting us is so different from the habits that have been developed over thousands of years and probably thousands of lifetimes, that we need to be in the moment and appreciate what our senses tell us. Lee Harris says this is a time to practice feeling our way through things rather than thinking our way through them.   He says our future is calling us to something bigger or greater than we have yet experienced, that the energy of life force is rising.


We know there is an energy expansion happening on the planet but what we seldom do is give ourselves credit for our involvement.   We tend to credit others or Gaia with the increase in energy. Yet what is happening, is our human form is beginning to shine so brightly that we are thinning the crust that has been built up lifetime after lifetime. Interestingly, Rebecca Dawson tells us is that ‘the human cannot move to expansion’, we ‘can only be the point of expansion’.   She says our direction is in all directions


None of us are exempt from our linear, 3D experiences. It is all we have known lifetime after lifetime.   That means becoming multidimensional is a totally new experience – or one could argue a re-learning.   It follows then that taking time to observe and review things from a different perspective is perfect for this month.   Rebecca Dawson advises us to ‘remain rooted in your owns sense of place. Hold this for the great reveal’.   She says our exposure IS the exposure of the New Earth.   Yes – we hold the light!   Lee says ‘the growth we are going through as a world right now is affecting the individual and the collective.


Some things you can do for you this month as suggested by Kari Samuels are to:

  • Take good care of yourself in the newness of this energy – emotions can be intense and relaxing with water, eg a bath, is perfect at this time.
  • Speak from the heart with joy. View the world from the heart space not from the logic brain
  • Change your view on challenges. View them from a spiritual not personal perspective and remember the universe is always there to support you.