Health, healing and numbers have always resonated with me.   From the youngest age, I can remember when people asked me, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would respond with “a nurse”.  So no surprises when that was the career I chose after leaving school.

Hi and welcome to my page.

My name is Libby McLean and while my interest in health, healing and numbers have remained strong, my career moved from nursing in hospitals to caring for people injured while at work.   By the mid 1990’s my interest  in alternative therapies began to open.  My curiosity to learn more was strong.

Over a number of years, I went though a phase of learning and expansion through reading books, attending conferences, events, listening to channelled messages, meditations etc.   I learnt many different healing modalities and techniques; Reiki, Reflections, The Waves, Pellowah, Numerology, Cosmic Numerology, The Pineal Tones, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Quantum EFT, Tarot.

Then the shift of 2012 came!   I know I’m not alone in experiencing how tough a time that was as we went through a morphing process.  Now, here we are in the energy of transition, transformation and availability.

New Age – New Earth – New Human

Transition can be a challenging time, and at this moment in our history on Gaia, Mother Earth, that is exactly what we as a human race, Gaia and all other life on Gaia is going through.  It is the movement between Ages, from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.

However, there is even more that we are transitioning through.  As a human race, we have chosen peace, compassion and more importantly, to remain on this Earth and become our full potential as creative beings.

There are many elements we are able to leave behind us as we transition to this new Age and energy; things like karma, cycles of repetition, life journeys, life lessons and plain old hard work.

Available now, is a cosmic library of all that is.    There is so much available to us but it is all so new, so incredible, so vast, so abstract, so compassionate, yet so unknown.   Many of us feel the current of this energy and move with it changing what has been stable for such a long time.  We change career, homes, home life, incomes and other aspects of our life as we follow the energy current knowingly or unknowingly.

This experience is not unknown to me. I have been through it, and I know there are many others who have done the same.    In this new energy, we are able to create like never before.  Our challenge is how to find our way in what is so new and unfamiliar.    Navigating through this maze of new energy can raise as many questions as answers. What I offer is a range of services that are aimed at assisting seekers through this maze.     In each of the services available, I offer:

  • Trust that my higher self becomes the conduit for your highest good
  • Psychic intuition that guides me to present what is appropriate for you
  • Channeled information to help you understand your personal message
  • Higher knowledge to take us into our future reality

Gratitude and acknowledgements

When something comes together there is always a sense of achievement and the completion of this webpage is no exception.   Its creation was in the making for sometime and reached fruition largely because of the contributions made by other people and I would like to thank them for their inspiration.

My children

To my son Daniel, the designer and maker of the website, I am extremely grateful.  He interpreted what to me is a foreign language for websites and guided me through step by step to create what you see today.

To my daughter Olivia, who is always available giving me guidance in marketing, and promotes what I do amongst her circle of friends and peers.

To both of you I am extremely thankful that you chose me to be your mother.  I love you both and watch with joy as your lives unfold.


There are two artists whose work features on my webpage.

Deb DeLisi

Intuitive Artist, Designer, Author, and, creator of The Abundant Love Project and Pineal Tones artwork.

Deb created my energy logo which you see when you first open my page.   I love her work and most of all this piece that she intuitively created for me.

The most common response from people who see my energy logo is one of jaw dropping amazement as they are drawn to just look at it.
Deb’s message in this artwork

This numerology assists one by starting in the centre, at their core, and builds outwards like a spiral until the individual can see the picture of their wholeness.  The number 3 feels very connected to this work





Frank Maiorana

Intuitive Artist, Illustrator, 2010 Quill Award-Best Illustration, 2012 Walkley Best Artwork Finalist

Through synchronicity Frank and my paths crossed and there was a knowing he was the one to create the artwork for my webpage.  The specs for the artwork were quite simple; to create something unlike that of traditional light work art.  I think he did this perfectly and the response from those who have seen it has been consistently positive.

Frank is a Melbourne local and like many of us is following a path of deep inner wisdom.




There is no doubt that the feedback clients provide helps potential clients decide if they want to engage my services.  To each I am extremely grateful on two levels.  Firstly for the time you take to write them and share your experience.  Secondly for the very kind things you say which humble me.

My deepest gratitude to each of you for your contributions to this webpage.