Losing Your Self

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One of the more recent and new concepts of artwork is to view it through immersion glasses. So the idea is simple really; you put the glasses on and then experience artwork through the glasses.     The thing is when you do this, you lose yourself from the physical space of where you are and become one with the art. You move into the artwork. From there you can interact with the artwork in a way that has not been possible before.


There is a similar experience that can be gained by the newly emerging sport of Drone Pilots, which is so Gen Y and Z.   The Drone has a Camera on it and the Pilot wears goggles that provide an exclusive feed from the camera. If you wear a second pair of goggles that has the same exclusive feed, while an experienced Pilot drives it at their normal speeds – fast (180kmph) – note how your feel. Their advice to you will be, sit down and if you feel too unsettled/nauseous take the goggles off.   What they say, is you lose your self so much that they pilots consider your physical body as an empty carcass. The pilot’s consciousness becomes more part of the drone than the body.   You as the observer can experience the same.   Imagine that!


One reporter said: It feels like you’re flying…..there’s no feeling of your own self. It is mostly like what flying in a dream field feels like


This fascinated me. If the Internet is an example of what human consciousness can do, what then of these experiences.   My thoughts are that they are examples of how we can be in two places at once. They literally are out of body experiences. They are demonstrating a different aspect of time travel and space travel. They can make us question what reality is.