Life Is About To Get Better

Life Is About To Get Better

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Are there aspects of your life where you feel CONFUSED, DISORIENTATED, LIKE A FISH OUT OF WATER?

You have passed the dark night of the soul and there is now the dichotomy of knowing where you are going yet so much feels out of place – just not quite right.

According to Kathumi, hang in there.  Life is about to get better!

That space reminds me of water and the bottom of the waterfall.   It is turbulent and forceful, and on a new level.   In some ways it represents of that state of confusion.   For those who have chosen the path of light we have stepped off the ‘level’ that carried old energies – karma.   We were in free-fall for a while as we shed ready for the new phase of energies.   Now we have hit those turbulent waters at the bottom of the waterfall.     In the same way as the waters settle into a smooth flowing river or calm pond, life is about the take on an aspect that is so glorious and still in the love of a global community that it will take our breath away.