June 2019 – a time for Completions

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Completions is a word that could be used to describe the Universal energy for June.   For those interested in a New Earth, this is an important time because many of us are seeking something more. The something more cannot become available to us when we seek to do more of the same.


This month the energy is a little bit like the saying ‘as one door closes another opens’.   A completion this month then is about letting go of something that is anchored in 3rd Dimensionality. Importantly, rather than trying to complete one aspect so that a planned outcome can enter or something else that is familiar or desired, this is about letting go of one aspect of life so that the great unknown can expose itself to us.    No doubt it is likely to feel like a leap of faith.


This month then is a good time to think about what has been cluttering your life. What is it perhaps that has stopped you from living?   What has been contributing to filling every moment of your existence with something to do?   What is making you tired or feeling exhausted?   When you reflect on these questions let your heart speak because your mind has been dominating for a long time and will want to continue to dominate.   Often the reason we keep pushing ourselves in the old and familiar 3rd dimensional energy is because we let our logic take over. The 3rd dimensional energy and logic will keep us thinking there are no good alternative options, the timing isn’t right or things will get better on their own. In that mindset we are not allowing newness into our lives.   We are not letting the doors of opportunity open.   I understand from a personal perspective exactly how decisions from the heart may appear radical or irresponsible. The thing to remember is we are in a time of multidimensionality, so it wont be just one other door opening and it may not be a door we have anticipated or expected. As we take that leap of faith, there is likely to be what feels like an avalanche of opportunities that come in. As you step through each day, trust that any completions that come to fruition are there for the highest benefit for you and humanity.


During this month, there are three key supports that will help you.

  1. The first is to be in collaboration with the Universe. Listening to your heart will aid this collaboration.
  2. Next is to know that the laws of the universal truths will be made known to you and available to you as you need them.
  3. Give yourself time to connect with Gaia. When you are in nature, draw Gaia energy up and into your heart space then push it outwards to your skin and beyond.



This could be a good time to re-write the phrase above to a new mantra:

As one 3rd dimensional door closes, unexpected multidimensional possibilities open to me.