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In a conversation with a colleague the other day we imagined going outdoors with our computers, sitting in the sun or shade and being inspired there, with the fresh air, breeze and warmth of the sun on our backs.


What is it about moving away from 4 walls that generates creativity and inspiration? Come to think of it, is it just moving outside from inside? Probably not; changing any aspect of what we do creates space for something different to occur.


Think for a moment of the opposite. Doing the same things over and over can become mind-numbingly boring.  They are the things we no longer even think about, we put our feet on the ground in the same place every morning getting out of bed, we clean our teeth the same way every day; we eat the same thing for breakfast while reading something on the internet.   Everything we do that has become habit is a form of living in the past. There is no inspiration or creativity.


Introducing change into your life is being spoken of more and more.   Change creates space and space is like a vacuum for opportunities.

Dr Joe Dispenza calls it ‘changing the habit of being yourself’ and says it is the beginning of a new you. He has many examples of people who changed little things in their lives to create self-healing and miracles; ordinary people doing extraordinary things. He tells of them changing even the most simple things like getting out of bed from the other side, cleaning their teeth with the other hand, walking the dog in a different direction etc.

Rebecca Dawson says when we do something differently we open new portals or dimensions so allowing new experiences and energy to flow.


How will you create the extraordinary today?

What portal/dimension will you experience today?