For the Empath, Part 1 – Is The Emotion Yours?

For the Empath, Part 1 – Is The Emotion Yours?

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There are many times when I am wonderfully surprised by feedback I receive from people quite randomly.  Following such feedback yesterday, I have been guided to put this together.

So many people drawn to my pages and messages are Empaths.  It is possible some of you reading this are not actually sure what an Empath is.    In brief you will feel and sense very intuitively, the emotions of others.  This may result in you feeling the emotions yourself as though they are your own.

The non-empath may brush an upsetting situation aside, but the empathy is left feeling extremely saddened by it.   It affects you to the core.  You may feel helpless or want to intervene.   So how do you move past this helplessness and what can you do about it?

If you find yourself feeling emotions and/or discomfort so strongly you think they are yours, the first thing you should decide is whether it is yours.     That may sound odd, but I have known many people who take on sadness, fear and even physical pain that isn’t theirs.  After considering what is happening around you, assessing the people you have recently been exposed to, what you are listening to etc, you believe it is not yours, here are some simple steps you can take:

  • Go to a quiet place – it really doesn’t matter where that quiet place is as long as you have just a few moments to yourself.
  • Tell the emotion or discomfort to go, to leave your body.   Yes, give it an instruction!
  • Ask that you continue to be a support to the person(s) who own(s) the emotion but without taking on any of the emotional baggage.
  • Then take a breath in imagining love filling the space that previously held the emotion or discomfort.   Do this step as many times as you like or feel you need to.

Now, you are ready to help those in need with a more balance approach.

You will find the more you practice these steps, the easier it becomes and you get to the point you will be able to release the emotion very quickly, even as you talk to the person.   Try it even if you don’t know who it could belong to, just in case it isn’t yours.