Feb Fun

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Oh what fun! In numerology, this month carries the energy of enjoying carefree moments, socialising and doing anything that takes you exploring.   Don’t be surprised if routines are thrown out the window as other priorities or opportunities pop up somewhat unexpectedly.


Exploration can take on a number of meanings.   There is always the adventure and fun that occurs when you visit a new place, ride a bicycle on a new trail, or walk the sands of a different beach. It can also mean stretching the senses.   That can mean visiting an art gallery, trying a different cuisine, speaking to someone you don’t know, feeling materials that you don’t normally touch.


Given the Universal energy of the year (3) and the universal energy of the month (5) this is a great time to communicate with people. Perhaps don’t limit it there. In the spirit of this month of adventure, try communicating with animals, birds and plants.   Make it a two-way communication so that you listen as well as talk.


The trick during this month is not to get stuck.   If you feel trapped, you may need to encourage yourself to move out of that energy because things won’t flow from there.   Try side-stepping or changing the way you normally go about things.   Encouraging change can be as simple as brushing your teeth using the other hand, swapping hands with your knife and fork, or turning left when you would otherwise turn right and explore something new.


As a guide this month your motto can be to keep things a ‘global’ as possible.     Anything you do that involves other people, other cultures, community, compassion, tolerance etc, will keep things positive for you. If you try to push through, internalizing, keeping things too ‘safe’, this can keep you stuck or in outmoded ideas.


So this month, enjoy doing something different.   Enjoy conversations.   Enjoy exploring. Enjoy laughter. Enjoy being in unknown territory.