Akashic Memory Sparked by a Word

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Following a synchronicity of conversations, I was drawn to write about the use of the word ‘God’, especially in channels. It wasn’t until I heard friends’ reactions that I realized I was not alone – we were all the same, and there is a comfort in knowing we are not alone.


What happens to you when you hear the word ‘God’?   If you’re anything like me or my friends there is an immediate barrier that goes up. It is almost like the hairs on the back of the neck stand up and it can begin a conversation in your head:

Why does that word need to be used?

Why can’t a different word/phrase be used?   What about Creator, Source, Source Energy, Universal energy or Creative Source or just something else!

Don’t they know how people react to that word!?


Of the conversations I had, everyone agreed we each have an innate belief system in a higher Source Energy. The immediate and implied link to the use of the word ‘God’ is to the man-made structure of religion.   With that comes an Akashic remembrance of the ills that have been associated with religion over thousands of years.   This is not to say that everything about religion is bad.  It is simply to say that our Akash remembers what was unjust.


So while it is comforting to know we are not alone, do we leave it there or do we respond in an esoteric way that is befitting to the energy of today?   If you would like to do the latter, this is what my guidance has suggested.

First of all acknowledge that everyone is born magnificent.

Then visualize the Divine in you recognizing the Divine in those who have caused this akashic memory.

Allow that Divinity to become the dominant element you experience.

Have gratitude for life agreements your soul and theirs made, and, for the honoring of those agreements.

Then, allow it to go to the light.

The lesson is completed.

The Divine being in all can shine through.