2019 – The Year Ahead

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We all want a bit of magic in our life, and during the 2019 calendar year we have the opportunity to touch it. With Universal encouragement to let go of human history that has had us repeating cycles, it means we are able to bring in new ways of being, acting, doing, creating. This is our time, our year to co-create new love lines within human consciousness.


The prevailing energy of 2019 is that of creativity, artistic and verbal expression, and, enjoyment.   During this year, our ability to visualize, dream, feel and express concepts is heightened.   The world is ready for new ideas so lets seize them and ground them onto the earth’s plane. New concepts won’t come just because we demand them to. We need to bring our body and mind to a creative still space, listen to out intuitive guidance.


During this year we are likely to find confines of structure and routine more intolerable than ever before. This is perfect if we are to create because creativity cannot occur spontaneously when there is and expected outcome or time pressure.   So make small changes within what otherwise is routine. For example, take a different path/road to the supermarket, eat dinner outside for a change, sit in a different chair/orientation. Indeed, we should out seek fun times. We should bring laughter into our lives. We should surround ourselves with beautiful music, color, poetry, literature etc.


If you would like to potentiate the energy of this year there are a few methods you can engage.   As just mentioned, bringing change to what is otherwise routine is one way. Spend time with friends and family in any sort of fun activity.   Be on the move so you are exposed to varied environments, foods or cultures, and if this includes travel, all the better!   Follow your curiosity.


The challenge of this year is a sense of alienation or feeling of not belonging.   This is because a part of us senses the energy we are now in which is so very new and that part of us feels uneasy.   Find like minded people and focus on contributing to their well-being.


On the world stage, expect to see the same themes coming through.   On one hand you will see radical concepts come forth that support humanity in ways you could not anticipate.   Other times, be mindful, that some people are trying to hold on to historical ways of managing problems or feeling isolated on a large scale.   The most successful proposals in the long term will be those that are not based in history.   Please, do your best to see exposure for what it is and know that it is very early days on our path to peace.


So for this year, enjoy the magic of this moment in every moment, let your dreams motivate you and find joy in your imagination and creative outlets.   Namaste.