11:11:11 Stargate to Adventure

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Sunday 11th November 2018 offers powerful energy potentials to step into the unknown – to step through a doorway, a stargate and take an adventure in multidimensionality.


This is an 11 day in an 11 month in an 11 Year.   All those 1’s offer new potentials, an abundance of intuition and desire to explore.   This exploration needs to be with the energy of the child; no expectations, no pre-planned outcomes, no agendas, just pure joy and the excitement of adventure.   As you take one step, follow your excitement and curiosity.


Delving further into the energies, the Universal Month energy is that of the Master Builder and the Universal Day energy is that of the Master of Compassion.


To understand these energy potentials in these times of multidimensionality requires letting go of all systems and processes we used when we were in 3D or linearity.   It is not a time for planning, for expected outcomes, nor intent.  This is a time to let all that go and take one step, then see what possibilities open up for you.   Every step you need to take will be lit up in the moment that is right to take it. On this day you are graced with an abundance of intuitive illumination to guide you.     The Master Builder uses solid foundations to create a masterpiece that will benefit generations to come. The Master of Compassion recognizes the Oneness of all people and our connection to the stars.   Be in wonderment of what is about to unfold for you.


Should you choose to walk through the stargate opening, every step from this day forward takes you closer and closer to Mastery, creating with compassion and building the foundational bridges of the future.


This 11 day in the 11 month of the 11 year, is an opportunity for you to create a new chapter for humanity. Some guiding principles are:


  • Reimagine what you believe is possible
  • Doors of opportunity are opening
  • Trust your intuitive guidance to take that first step through the stargate opening.
  • Become accustomed to following the energy current
  • This is your opportunity to create new understandings and relinquish old systems of belief