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Opportunity with the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse
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Tonight we will experience the longest lunar eclipse for the century.   It will last 83 minutes and be a red shade because of light being refracted from the earth’s atmosphere.   You will read from other sources that a lunar eclipse is a good time to take your attention to … Read More

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Space – what is it?       Nothing?       A void?       Is it important?   What if SPACE had a yin and yang; something we could use constructively to expand or contract, a bit like a piano-accordion?   What if we could collapse space or sit in space?   When we think of Past-Present-Future, … Read More

That’s How The Light Gets In
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That’s How The Light Gets In   Have you ever wondered how divers would recognize artifacts that have been under the ocean for centuries as they react to the salt water or become encrusted with things like barnacles?   When I think of us, as expressions of spirit manifesting here … Read More

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In a conversation with a colleague the other day we imagined going outdoors with our computers, sitting in the sun or shade and being inspired there, with the fresh air, breeze and warmth of the sun on our backs.   What is it about moving away from 4 walls that … Read More

The Expansion of Light Essence
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How do you understand Stem Cells?   Wikipedia tells us stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more stem cells.   So if the stem cell is the core beginning of what a cell can become.   What the stem cell becomes … Read More

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Almost every device we use at some point will become obsolete/out of date and we replace it. Mobile phones would be a typical example. Every couple of years we may be tempted to let go of the old and get a new and better version. The lure of more features … Read More